Constance Gibbs is a multidimensional creator of words, images, and social strategy.

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The Critical Companion 

In 2018, when I was a freelance writer and editor for the website Black Nerds Create, I developed an article series called The Critical Companion. Its focus was to create more opportunities for Black nerds to have a place to write features (with a small payment) about their love of fandom properties, and the ways in which those properties did or did not love them back. The series had 48 different features, most of which I wrote monthly calls to action for different topics, recruited writers, edited their pieces, and posted to social media.


My Granny and Her Love of Comics

Imagining the Decolonization of Science Fiction

Finally Finding a Place in the Fandom

My Heaven is a Republic

In Defense of Thaddy Thor’s Physique in Avengers: Endgame

Slavery in Thedas: How BioWare Could Bring Nuance to Dragon Age

What Harry Potter Doesn’t Teach Us About Allyship and Activism

TIME for Kids

At TIME for Kids, I edited content from our Kid Reporters, both to prepare it for publication in our magazine and website across different age groups, as well as to help the Kid Reporters learn more about writing and journalism.