ConStar Studies the 12th Doctor

As an avid Doctor Who watcher, I was shocked when Matt Smith announced that Christmas would be his last episode. I wasn’t quite ready to get used to a new Doctor. I started watch in 2011 via Netflix (starting from “Rose”) and sorry Nine, but Ten might always be MY Doctor as they say but I have spent more time with Eleven than any other Doctor. So I am sad to see him go (especially since he and Karen Gillan haven’t announced their marriage yet. But I still have hope). 
Sunday they announced Peter Capaldi as Twelve. As with any new actor coming on to a show you love, you worry. And with the Doctor there will always be backlash and concern but I must say, just from his picture alone I can kind of tell Peter will be good. I haven’t seen him in anything (except that episode of Who he was already in–gotta go back and watch that one–and gifs on tumblr of things he was in before) and I kinda of want to keep it that way I think. If I can, I think I will approach him as Twelve with as clean a slate as I had with the others (as much as the internet will let me anyway).
I think this could be good. A new direction to go in (as I have personally felt a slump since season 5–which is my favorite season) and I think aging him back up will be interesting for the Doctor’s inner story: He’s aging and might be running out of regenerations if they hold up with the 13 regenerations rule. And Matt’s Doctor has been feeling the weight of his age recently. But also I can sort of see that Capaldi could have the vibrancy of the Doctor as well. So I’m actually looking forward to this. [Insert Twelve’s new catchphrase]