ConStar Watches How I Met Your Mother "The Broken Code"

“I’m told [his calligraphy banner at prom] were quite the hit!”

“Heyyy buddy….”

Travel quills. 

“You have no girls!” “What?. What?!. What?!.!” Robin has always needed a bachelor party instead of a bachelorette party.

“The Bro Code has replaced the Gideon’s Bible in select locations!”


The “Oh, come on!” rain!

“That’s why I only need you. You’re a psycho.”

Wow the scene in the rain at the beach was really muffled and waterlogged. 

I think I would have enjoyed Marshall’s iPad scenes if there had been humor from Daphne at how WEIRD it is he is connecting with his friends that way. Or she’d shoehorned her face/opinion into the conversation. But I guess they didn’t have Sherri for that episode.