Day of the Doctor Minisode

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is happening in less than 10 days. I haven’t been too excited because the last season really underwhelmed and unnecessarily confused me, so I haven’t kept up with the lead up to the 50th. I’m excited for Tennant to return and curious about the non-Doctor Doctor. The (first?) minisode aired today, check it out below:
Oh! Eight!

  • I don’t watch classic Doctors, but it’s nice to learn how Eight regenerated (also recent fan confirmation that the War Doctor (as he is credited) ended the time war and not Eight or Nine)
  • A lot of posts have been going around about the living Doctor’s (besides Ten and obviously Eleven) not being a part of the 50th. If true, despite not watching classic Who, this would make me sad; but I’m really hoping their keeping it from us and that other Doctor’s will appear in the special. No one knew about Paul McGann did they? I’m hoping that even with the trailer and promo photos being released, they’ve hidden certain people’s (past companions, doctors) appearances in the special.
  • I hope we get to see War Doctor regenerate into Nine…