Brief Response: ‘Frozen’ Rearview: Why Disney’s Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Do the Movie Justice | Variety

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this a movie that quietly declares, in scene after scene, that a powerful woman is not someone to be loathed, feared or hidden from view. Would it have killed Disney to make sure the marketing proved worthy of the message?

via ‘Frozen’ Rearview: Why Disney’s Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Do the Movie Justice | Variety.
I saw Frozen yesterday, but I hadn’t paid too much attention to the marketing of it. But we’ve seen this before: a gender neutral title, the wacki-centric ads, etc, all to “get boys to also want to see the film” which is kind of ridiculous because I don’t think they do the same for “boy targeted” films. (Or do they? I suppose the romantic storylines in superhero movies are often so girls will go see them. Or the token girl character is a thing. ) But I just thought the author ended on this excellent point: maybe marketers should actually watch the movies they’re promoting and match marketing the message.
(And let’s not talk about how it’s all apparently “the princess and the frog’s” title’s fault that the movie didn’t do as well as expected. A lot of people who were excited for a movie with a black princess were upset that she wasn’t human for most of the film. That’s chalked up to writing. It’s sad because I’m nervous they won’t try again. That’s all a side matter though, don’t pick one element in a film that did less than expected and then change ALL FUTURE MARKETING FOR FUTURE FILMS.