Netflix Says Binge Viewing is No 'House of Cards' –

The company Friday will reveal a snapshot of a phenomenon that is reshaping TV culture—viewers devouring shows in lengthy chunks, episode after episode. Executives say they found a strikingly consistent pattern in the pace at which people binge: In general, about half the viewers studied finished a season (up to 22 episodes) within one week.

Another finding: The majority of viewers only immersed themselves in one show at a time, rather than juggle several at once.

Interesting, short article about Netflix and bigne watching. If you can’t watch a season in a week (and I don’t mean a measly 13 episode season, I mean a full 22 episode season), then maybe you have more of a life than I do.
I find it interesting how people are now beginning to study binge-watching and that trends and patterns have emerged. They say 2013 was the year of binge watching and that Netflix has been around for 6 years, but I think I’ve been a part of the binge-watch community for even longer than that. Marathons, DVD season sets, and illegal streaming sites are things that I still own from before Netflix was around. Seems the rest of culture is catching up to what was once a sort of niche, nerdy activity.
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