Castle 7.09 Review: "Last Action Hero"

Castle post for the week is up! I link to a lot of TV Tropes because action movies are FULL of awesome movie tropes.
Castle Action Hero

In this week’s Expendables  themed episode, Castle meets some of his favorite action stars and Kate says goodbye to her old apartment.
[…]The crew walks towards the camera in a typical action movie/tv show Unflinching Power Walk (well, Castle flinches when a car explodes for no reason, again, typical of an action movie). In a heist monologue (on TV Tropes called the “I Know What We Can Do” Cut), Brock explains how Castle and the Indestructibles crew will infiltrate El Jefe’s club and steal the boxcar. After a close call with El Jefe and a well-timed fire alarm, the crew flees the scene with the boxcar (““I’m starring in my own action movie! this is the best night ever!”).
Something I love about Castle episodes themed like this one is listening for title drops, it’s a really fun game. How many action movie title drops did you catch? I don’t know too many action movies, but here are a few titles and heroes/actor references I noticed:

  • The clear Expendables theme
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Jason Bourne
  • “Eastwood, McQueen, Bronson”
  • Indiana Jones

Now I want to rewatch the Bourne Trilogy (I stopped after 3, who needed a fourth without Matt Damon?) and maybe a couple of heist movies.
What action movie references did you catch?
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