What I Watched Today – Castle

Castle is one of my favorite shows right now! I’ve been super pleased how they’ve mapped out the Castle/Beckett relationship over the years, and pleased at how the show has survived the two of them getting together.
The first few minutes still felt like the show, despite the differences and lack of normal supporting cast. I was interested to see how they were going to add them in along with the guest cast (or add them back.) so it was great to see them again in the limited capacity.
I really loved the humorous moments of subtle nonverbal acting. A lot of it this episode, especially Beckett who doesn’t get to do that as often as Castle does, but he had a lot too, especially the phone static bit. I’m also really loving the freeness with which Beckett shows her love for Castle and how happy she is when she speaks to him. It’s really nice to see and a great touch to her character; despite McCord trying to toughen Beckett up and distance her from her relationship. Really interested to see how much longer they’ll stay with the Feds and how Castle will interact with the 12th again without Beckett there. As well as the obvious question of how theyre going to make their relationship work long distance. When she inevitably comes back to NY, will she be a cop or a Fed? Because I know she’s gotta come back somehow…
But wow (the above was written during the episode, so I wasn’t expecting the) CLIFFHANGER!! I didn’t really think about the premiere being a 2-parter! Such a heavy one too! I can’t WAIT until next week! The way these usually work is one episode is slower and the other more faster paced. Often the 1st one ends up being the fast paced episode but since most fans wouldn’t have known it was a cliffhanger, they could slow the pace of the 1st one, and I bet next week will be a mile a minute action trying to find the antidote! Also, Castle breathed on Pi (lol yeah ok buddy) and Alexis and Ryan and Espo and his mother etc! Are they also all in danger?! Can’t wait to see where this goes!
Anyway, I really enjoyed these premieres and episode 2 of Sleepy Hollow. So glad fall television is back (and that I’ve begun some successful blogging! This might be the longest I’ve blogged before! I think I had a xanga in HS when everyone else did but yeah ok, that definitely doesn’t count and I’m not a journal writer so those were suuper forced.)
What are you watching this week?
Tomorrow: Agents of SHIELD premieres!