ConStar Remembers to Post about Last Week's Scandal Episode

(*First* Check out the new header! Yay!)
I never posted last week’s Scandal post (I watched it late, and was too busy and tired to do anything with it), so here are some of my live-tweet comments from that episode before tonight’s begins! These are mostly just my tweets from last week with some added commentary or sentence restructuring, but not as coherent or detailed as usual.
The scene with Huck at AA was brilliantly directed with the flashes to him killing the guy and then Baby Huck there! girl! go home! you don’t belong there! but maybe it will prevent her from becoming full on Huck. Love the juxtaposition with “Mary Jane”!
Baby Huck wants Huck to be her boo but you ain’t ready for it. you not ready not one bit.
Mouthy Mellie!
Oh Huck, why did you go to the funeral? is this an element of his addiction?
i’m TELLING YOU THIS HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH HER MOTHER SOMEWHERE IN THERE! She died in a plane crash. all of this is about pilots&stuff!
“Enough! take a walk cyrus!” ooh! fitz tryna get back in with HIS main boo!
Liv’s boys at her door!
“YOU HAVE TO STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!” yes, baby huck, please! Huck is calling you out on your weird interest in his life! “you are interested” “i see that look in your eye”
“ex-boyfriend the president” yeah ok jake, i see how you do that lol!
“i’m not crying. i’m trying not to scream.”
stop it foley…. you’re getting me #teamjake right now… 

Fitz has a radar. he mustt. he can hear her kissed lips over the phone or something. #scandal like i said “ex-boyfriend?” yeah ok jake
YO JAKE DOESNT PLAY!! Calling out over the phone. This is “Say My Name” right now! “If no one is around you say baby I love you.”
A tweet from “Lina CL ‏@the_wildseed Who said Fitz was in B613? I think yall might be right…”
We shall find out more about that last comment this week I suppose!
Hopefully my blogging gets back on schedule after basically a week of hiatus…