ConStar Watches Scandal "More Cattle, Less Bull"

As usual, this week’s episode of Scandal required me to sit in shock for a minute before I could figure out how to approach this post. The first step is immediately rewatching it. I need to wait to reveal some things from this episode, because the post blurb appears when I link it and I don’t want to spoil. 

Ok, perhaps we’re clear: I WAS RIGHT THIS WHOLE TIME! I am so pleased! And yet there are still so many places this story could go! Because you never know with Shonda Rhimes. I’ll get to this a little later. First, some

“You haven’t once accused me of any crimes against humanity.”
“Instead of speaking my mind. Instead of being the brave, outspoken girl my mother taught me to be, I’m chewing my food.”
“You heard my problem. Now go ahead and fix it.”
“I don’t play dirty” “Oh, you changed your game?”
“Yes i am breathing. I am breathing very deeply. I am trying very hard not to have a heart attack.”
“We got Pope’d sir.”
“Olivia Pope the gift that keeps on giving.” As my friend said, Cy just equated Liv to herpes….
“I just destroyed the most beautiful relationship in my life. I’m glad you found that beautiful. You’re fired.” “I don’t play second fiddle to anyone not even the president”
“He’s not alive when you’re not here. You’re everything to him Liv. He needs you, so I need you.”

Huck and Jake are the worst spies I’ve ever seen in my life. You really only got to his house when he was finishing dessert? I’m gonna chalk this one to bad writing and the forced conflict of an “against the clock” scene. Because there is no way two B6-13 members, two of the supposed best, and with their brains combined, would think to get to his house AFTER he left for dinner, with only 4 minutes until he arrived back. They should’ve been out the house before he ordered the wine. SMH. This scene really took me out of the show, because it was so poorly executed and forced empty tension. Also, there is no way Rowan doesn’t know Jake is in his house. Of course he knows. [I’m using Rowan/Eli depending on what role he is trying to play.] Does Jake not know how to use a computer? “How do you print?” Worst spies ever.
Mellie has been getting both blasted (on the show) and a lot of fan sympathies. “He has a wife is a frigid shrew problem.” YIKES. Also, watching her face when Fitz uses the “bathroom” (come on, dude. Close the door. You live in a giant house/office space and you can’t find a room a couple of doors down? A secret entry way? Seriously). She really does still love him, for all that she said to Olivia to get her to come back. And we saw last season (or was it season 1), that she once “allowed” (turned a blind eye to) Olivia Pope into the White House so Fitz and her could be together because she needed him to focus on whatever it was that was pressing at the time. She will use everything in her arsenal to remain by his side while he is President (a reversal from a few weeks ago however). Remember: Olivia is her weapon to get Fitz (–how did she put it when she was drunk?–her puppet husband) to do what she wants.
All I will say about Baby Huck is that she needs to have several seats. I am so glad she was grounded, but what in the world is she trying to do next?
Jake and Fitz are essentially playing basketball for who wins Olivia. I keep flip flopping on whose “team” I am on. In the beginning of the episode, since he arrived at her doorstep, I’ve been Team Jake (w/a few weak moments), then during the flirting in the bathroom, I was Team Fitz because they do have chemistry and that moment was a great, normal moment between them. The scene from episode 1 with the jam was too saccharine for my tastes, but a scene like today’s really showed how they could be on a daily basis. A lot of times we only see couple’s in the epic moments of their relationship, we don’t get to see the day to day ways they make each other laugh or, like, in this instance, the way she gives him advice and he takes and considers it. HOWEVER, it’s gonna be hard to be Team Fitz when he is responsibility for her mother’s death. That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!

“Your secret Fitz phone.”

You can’t talk to your side boo about what you did with your main boo when you were his side boo at the dinner w/his main boo . Booception. Also *stetches*: You can’t ask your side boo to take you to the WCD to see your main boo and not see your main boo but see his main boo as she asks you to work for– I can’t even finish this. Boo-ception is deep right now.
Fitz vs Rowan

“You do not give me orders. ” “Don’t test me.” “No Mr President. It is you who should not test me.”

And then he hung up on him! Rowan is truly a boss!

“How do i get rid of B6-13. I want them gone.”

Does Fitz know how deep the information B6-13 has on him goes? Is that why he wants to be rid of it? (More on that a little later.)

“Just ask Kennedy.”

So is Shonda saying that Kennedy tried to get rid of B6-13 and he was ASSASSINATED FOR IT?! (What about Lincoln? McKinley? Garfield? What about when Teddy Roosevelt got shot? I will blame all presidential assassinations on B6-13 from now on.
Olivia always gives Harrison SO MUCH SHADE. When he asked what she was doing after declining Lisa Kudrow’s offer (sorry, I forget her character’s name), she turned her head SO HARD. There HAS to be more to their backstory, and I just need to know it NOW. I’m gonna return to my theory that he is involved with her mother’s death somehow and is with her and stans for her so hard because he is atoning, just like Jake, just like Eli. I think Olivia refuses to talk to him until he dresses better. Those suspenders need to be burned!
Now to the Mother of all theories (sorry.)
“How interesting that you think that’s your mother’s legacy; being brave and outspoken.” I wonder what this means in terms of the reveal… Does he mean that she was brave and outspoken, but Olivia doesn’t know the true extent to which she was so? OR does he mean to say that in a demeaning way, as if she wasn’t those things and this is Olivia’s rose-colored memories of her…

“When everything you’ve become, everything you are, is clearly because of me.”

What happened to her mother, and it’s affect on Olivia, really IS because of Eli…
I wonder if Fitz even knows her mother was on the plane? He’s covering it up for the normal reasons, but Rowan knows the real situation AND AND AND I bet the Foster pilot guy who Huck killed knew or found out and that’s what he was going to tell the President when he got caught by Secret Service…
Now that we’re at the bottom, I will recap my tweets about the end of the episode:


Phew, that’s out of my system. But really, I called this a few episodes ago. It’s not really all that surprising of a twist, considering how much groundwork they laid for this one. A reveal like Eli being Liv’s Dad was a bigger one for me. BUT I’m jumping on some theory bandwagons:

@toomuchtelly Maya Pope is alive. #Scandal

I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe Harrison knows where she is. Maybe she was never on the plane. When Fitz and Rowan first meet, Rowan says there is someone looking up the files on Operation Remington. Who is looking? Jake and Huck start digging afterwards, but who trigged Foster to head to the Oval? What made Rowan know he needed to die?
As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know where Eli was coming from with his comments about Liv’s mom. Was she a good person who was unfairly gunned down? Was she a part of B6-13 and the action? Was she an enemy to the organization? Finally, what famous black actress can we get to play her, even if just in flashbacks? I’m excited that my theory was correct! I can’t WAIT until next week!