Castle 6.22 Review: "Veritas"

Castle 6.22 Review:

This week’s Castle is one of two episodes that has been six years in the making, (next week’s being the other. obviously). Castle must help Beckett uncover the truth of a conspiracy against her as they track down Bracken and bring closure to the Johanna Beckett case once and for all.
Check out my recap here: Castle 6.22 Review: “Veritas” and read a little more below. 
It’s so interesting to me that they did this before the wedding, of course allowing the couple to get married without the fear of Bracken coming to ruin their moment (as a clichéd writing team would have done) but the combination of the resolution of these two major plot points feels very series finale. […] Should both story lines be wrapped up by the end of the next episode, what might the writers do next? Will we be teased a season 7 time jump, a la Parks and Recreation? Or might a new threat be revealed? We still have Jerry Tyson and Castle’s spy father to fill in the major arc heavy episodes and the promise of Caskett babies will of course be on our minds. No matter what, I can’t wait for Castle season 7!