ConQnA: Lynnie Purcell

ConQnA #2 features Lynnie Purcell! Lynnie and I know each other from being Just About Write TV recap staff buddies. We’ve chatted about screenwriting a few times and Lynnie was just always super encouraging! Lynnie lives in LA, pursuing her writing, and has written a few books, one of which is available for FREE online right now! Visit her website, check out her Just About Write reviews, and follow her on Twitter!

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Lynnie Purcell

Introduce yourself a little

I’m Lynnie. I am currently a self-published novelist, specializing in young adult science fiction, horror, and romance. I’ve been writing for five years now, and have only recently gotten into writing screenplays.

Why do you want to be a screenwriter?

I’ve always loved movies and television. I never really believed I could write them until I realized that being a novelist prepares you for the visuals needed to build an entire world out of nothing. I also really, really enjoy dialogue and screenwriting allows for that emphasis really well.

What show inspired you to be a TV writer?

Psych has always made me want to write TV. I love the beats, the humor, and the way the characters play off one another. Firefly is another one, because it mixes my love for humor and my love for science fiction.

Is there a particular episode of television that inspired you most of all?

I can’t remember the episode, but I when I was younger I remember an episode of ER where Noah Wyle’s character was tasked with saving the hospital after a chemical spill. I always thought it was so well done, drew me in, made me watch it multiple times, and I knew I wanted to write something that did that to other people.

What resources do you look to when learning about craft?

To me, writing is the most important thing. Simply getting the words down. But I spend a lot of time reading through scripts of things I like to understand style and proper technique.

What resources do you look to when coming up with ideas?

I have no problems with ideas. Ideas are never the issue. My brain is a crazy funhouse of ideas. (This is not always a good thing)

Favorite TV series of all time?

It’s a tie between Psych and Leverage.

Favorite episode of television ever:

This is an unfair question! Um…”Out of Gas” from Firefly comes to mind.

Favorite TV series right now:

Jessica Jones

Favorite TV writer(s)

Gahhhhhhh. All of them? I really like Joss Whedon.

What genres are you looking to write? What draws you to those choices?

I tend towards comedy. I think I’m funnier than I am. It’s a whole condition. I just love banter so freaking much. I also really love an action flick. Grew up on them, and would love to create a superhero or two.

Here might be a place you talk about diversity or any other industry issues that are important to you.

I can only speak about it from a white woman’s point of view, but stories about women who aren’t chasing after a man do not get made nearly as much as they should. We have so many stories to tell. We have so many experiences and wondrous strengths that have nothing to do with being an action hero or a woman desperate for a man. This world has so many great writers, and its unfair to think that only the white men’s stories are worth telling. This needs to change. It also really does frustrate me that as a white woman my story might get told over that of a POC, or that a POC’s story, when it hits big, might be seen as “surprising.” There are so many great stories out there, and they absolutely need to be heard, need to have a budget, and need to have the kind of marketing that goes into something like The Avengers.

Here might be a place you eloquently fuss over how hard it is to be a writer. Because IT’S SO HARD GUYS. Share your feels here:

Sometimes, I drink.

Any advice for aspiring screenwriters?

Everyone is going to have an opinion on what you should be writing, and how you should be writing, but they don’t matter. Write. Write. Write. Write the stories that need to get out. Write the things that won’t leave you alone. Not all of these will be marketable – and make no mistake that screenwriting is a business – but the act of writing will give you practice that will matter down the line.

Thanks, Lynnie! Isn’t she great? Remember, if you’d like to be featured in the series, email [email protected]!