San Diego Comic-Connie 2016 & Other Updates


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SDCC Adventures

I’ve dreamed of going to SDCC since maybe high school — I don’t remember exactly when but it’s around the time I realized that most of my favorite TV shows had panels there. I’ve never left the East Coast and never had enough money to sacrifice to the cause. But because of God, the Internet (Twitter and Black Girl Nerds specifically), Robyn who let me stay at her family home for free, and even the three months I worked full time at a job that drained me emotionally, I was able to make my way to California for the first time and go to San Diego Comic-Con.

I was so blessed at SDCC and would do it again in a heartbeat. I got to see just about all the major panels I wanted to see (the TV ones, obviously, my recs from what I saw are in the “ConStar Around the Web section below”), I got to interview the cast of Luke Cage in my first roundtable experience, I said hi to Tatiana Maslany outside a party, I met some TV writers — hey Cheo Hodari Cocker (Luke Cage) and Zack Stenz (The Flash and other things — met some blerds and nerds at the BGNOC meet up (I still owe some photos from that), I got an awesome Doctor Who letterman sweater that it’s too hot to wear, I COSPLAYED for the first time and ran into someone dressed as my character’s companion, I was ON A PANEL AT SDCC and had carne assada fries which may have changed my life. It was a whirlwind weekend that went slowly at first (in a good way) and then was over way too fast.
Special thanks to Jamie of Black Girl Nerds for the opportunity and Robyn and her mom for giving me a place to stay and for sandwiches and free rides to the convention and airport. Thanks also to BGNOC for having an awesome party where I met tons of cool nerds, Cynthia for being my other convention buddy again, Kendra for some mental SDCC prep, Ed Catto for having me on a panel fo the second time ever, and whoever else I am forgetting that made my time at SDCC possible.

ConStar Watches

SDCC got me excited for a bunch of shows coming this fall and I’ve been watching a few things now. Here are some recs this week:

  • Stranger Things. I devoured it in the 8 hours it takes to watch it, no breaks. It’s cool and creepy and fun and interesting. If you can deal with scary monsters even a little, you should watch it. Even if not, start it in the daytime and you’ll be done before dark.
  • Underground. I haven’t watched it yet but it’s on Hulu so you can. I’ve heard it’s spectacularly good.


  • Luke Cage. LUKE CAGE. Watch it y’all.
  • Queen Sugar. This and Luke I’ve gotten to see some of ahead of time. This one is less of what I usually watch but I’m still intrigued. Gotta finish the screeners and I’ll write up a review over on BGN.
  • Emerald City. I retelling of the Wizard of Oz, but darker and really beautifully done. I hope it’s good and does well.
  • Sweet/Vicious. Buffy Meets Veronica Mars if the two heroes worked together. Looks cheesy and is on MTV, but I enjoyed the teaser trailer and wasn’t expecting to. It pulled me in from not paying attention at all. MTV doesn’t have a teaser up, which is foolish, but hopefully it’s coming soon.
  • Designated Survivor. 24 meets the West Wing. Imagine if the State of the Union was attacked and the random guy they left out in case that ever happened suddenly became president. At least he’d have held some sort of public office before… and is Keifer Sutherland.


  • Powerless. So funny, like the Incredibles meets The Office. Starring two POC (Vanessa Hudgens and Danny Pudi). I hope it moves up to fall (what do I have to get cancelled on NBC?)
  • American Gods. Neil Gaiman and the guy behind Pushing Daisies. Do I need to say more? Read my post linked below if you do need more, but you shouldn’t.

ConStar Around the Web

My SDCC Posts!

Throwback posts! Plural since it’s been a while. A few of my favorite recent posts.

Sneak Previews — Things I’m working on:

  • An interview with the author behind the awesome superhero novel Heroine Complex, Sarah Kuhn.
  • A piece on food delivery in the projects. First world problems, really, but still probably important. Hit me up if you have thoughts or relative experiences.
  • Uploading all the SDCC photos I took on my DSLR. If anyone wants to give me money for a wifi-memory card, go here. 😉

Listen, Listen

I was on #WizardTeam, my favorite Harry Potter podcast, twice recently. In both, I chat about the Marauders because they’re my favorite. Clicking will open the episodes in iTunes.

I was also on the Nerds of Color podcast Hard NOC Life, chatting about SDCC!


My twitter friend Jaymee Marie made me a new avi! I’ll start using it properly across the interwebz soon, but for now it’s my awesome new profile picture! Check out her work!

I return, after a long hiatus, to tell you guys all about my first visit to San Diego Comic Con!